Software Development

Motion Matters provides full cycle product development that supports businesses at any stage of their product evolution. Whether you require smart customization of pre-developed platforms or custom development based on your unique requirements, we can supply your needs from product implementation to support and maintenance.
Motion Matters will work closely with your business to help identify gaps in functionality, assess requirements and conceptualize solutions that compensate for those gaps. We specialize in implementing highly functional IT solutions that address identified business needs and bridge the gap between business users and IT teams. Our pre-defined project management framework focuses on quality delivery, rigorous program management, process oriented development and structured management of requirements. We help you to define the requirements for an effective solution and suggest industry’s best practices.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Motion Matters offers a fully-integrated, agile Enterprise Resource Planning suite that can be either cloud based or on-site, providing operational support and strategic management to organizations to help them keep up-to-date with rapid technological changes. We enable organizations to replace multiple disparate third-party systems with a consolidated, role-focused modern ERP solution that greatly streamlines business functionality and adds considerable value.
Our solutions are ideal for mid to large organizations that require a single repository to corral financials and a broad range of core functions with the added ability to integrate seamlessly with other applications as needed.We inspire organizations to achieve their objectives and stay competitive.

Enhanced collaboration

New and improved ways of engagement

Rapid, powerful analysis

Increased agility and innovation

Mobile Application Development

The launch of faster wireless networks has created a demand for functionality for smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and other similar Wi-Fi devices. Motion Matters can help you to extend your reach by capitalizing on the advances in technology to stay connected with your clients. We are focused on utilizing today’s technology to design and develop innovative interactive solutions that push the envelope and give businesses the strategic advantage to soar above the competition.
We help businesses extend the web experience to mobile platforms and intensify their use of social media. Our team of experienced iOS, Android and Windows 8 app developers will build a customized app that puts your products and services in front of your target audience. Mobile Matters offers touch-screen and Kiosk application development, mobile applications and web development services that exceed client expectations and provide a significant cost savings.

Social Media
Connect With Your Clients
Web to Mobile Platforms
Fully Customized App
iOS, Android and Windows

Motion Matters helps businesses identify critical drivers and map to technology with strategic business planning processes focused on business environment, organization, information and technology. We facilitate consolidation of heterogeneous content into a single centrally managed repository. Our Enterprise Content Management solutions enable businesses to take control of their important information like documents and records, media assets, emails, invoices, contracts and more.

We assess business needs through comprehensive analysis to devise a preemptive strike and develop a solution before there is an overarching business challenge. Additionally, we provide secure document management, from creation through destruction. All documents are centralized, searchable and automatically linked for easy cataloguing. We streamline your business processes while staying flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your organization.