Motion Matters is an innovative, socially and ethically responsible Information Technology leader specializing in application software design and development, secure mission systems, systems maintenance, system infrastructure and network management. Our experienced staff understands government and private industry and delivers solutions that promote functionality and profitability.

Among our most noteworthy clients are: 

Our Portfolio of past performance experience includes: 

American Bar Association

Defense Intelligence Agency

US Congress

Department of Defense (DoD)

European IC

US State Department

US Army

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Customizable mobile applications, development/implementation of complex technological mobile components, CMS advertising engines and website integration for USAID

Arabic Handwriting OCR: Initial Investigation (pilot project) and research and development for the US Army: Battle Command-Battle Lab

Document Exploitation (DocEx) for the US Army.

English to Farsi Machine Translation currently being used by Health Canada.

Avaya PBX-Fiber Optics ONS Cisco design and installation for local government in Washington DC.

Our Mission

Motion Matters is a thriving hub for new technologies and products with a professional team of industry experts that represent the best talent and ingenuity the IT community has to offer. We foster a culture of social equality by employing professionals from different backgrounds to consistently deliver exceptional quality and service to our clients. We offer a comprehensive approach to strategic IT-business alignment and security of national and international digital infrastructure. Motion Matters specializes in application software design and development, secure mission systems, cyber security, mission critical software solutions, system maintenance, help desk support, system infrastructure and network management in conventional and cloud environments. With a recent SBA 8(a) award, Motion Matters is ready to secure its place in the government cloud sector by becoming one of the niche providers in the market place. 8(a) award coupled with Fed RAMP, will allow Motion Matters to be a one-stop shop for larger companies who are looking for partners. Motion Matters is not new to the Federal workplace. With previous involvement with the Department of Defense and accomplishments such as ISO and patent awards, Motion Matters is an experienced IT provider whose entry in the Federal cloud market is prime. Federal IT consolidation procedures are already in place and the government is strengthening its commitment to Federal IT in 2016 and future scaling is almost guaranteed. Companies prepared to enter this space have a timely, unprecedented opportunity in which to secure Federal IT cloud projects. Motion Matters is ready to secure their placement.
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