Cyber Security

Motion Matters implements a proactive approach that includes a real-time Intrusion Detection and Prevention System that utilizes the best security products in the industry.

Software Development

Our pre-defined project management framework focuses on quality delivery, rigorous program management, process oriented development and structured management of requirements.

Mobile Application Development

We help businesses extend the web experience to mobile platforms and intensify their use of social media.

Help Desk & More

No matter what type of help desk functions you need to outsource, we can provide you with a complete and custom turnkey solution.

About Motion Matters

Motion Matters specializes in application software design and development, secure mission systems, cyber security, mission critical software solutions, systems maintenance, help desk support, system infrastructure and network management. In today’s digital age, cyber security has been classified as one of the most serious economic and national security challenges facing nations and governments worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting system infrastructure, we are one of the leaders in protecting the global markets most essential assets and information. Motion Matters realizes that infrastructure flexibility, cyber security and facilitation of an open and innovative digital domain are the core competencies that promote sustainability in this rapidly changing, competitive business environment. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive approach to strategic IT-business alignment and security of national and international digital infrastructure that empowers companies to be the leaders within their respective industries. Motion Matters utilizes methodologies that encourage and support infrastructure flexibility.

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Motion Matters has a mission

to provide innovative, customized technology solutions that empower people to achieve the unimaginable and implement solutions to challenging problems. Motion Matters provide innovative products that meet real world needs and exceed expectations. The company also employs a talented team of industry experts to develop solutions that support current and future business objectives and enable the competitive positioning of business initiatives. We are focused on assisting clients to handle increased demands without incurring increased costs.

Motion Matters delivers unique and unmatched capabilities that allow clients to create organic and innovative solutions for their technology needs. Our products have influenced and served many large organizations, globally, as well as had a hand in creating next generation innovations in the private sectors.

Motion Matters Capabilities

Motion Matters is an innovator in the arena of advancing technologies and have maintained a successful record in contract fulfillment in product and system development. Motion Matters capabilities include Document Exploitation (DocEx), Machine Translation (MT), OCR, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLR) HOCR Cyber Security and Hardware and Software Security. Additionally, we hold the trademark in a variety of innovative technologies which includes: DIEP™ (Degraded Image Enhancement Processor), ICORS™ (IP Core Security Systems) and FlyEye Defense™ (UAV Threat detection and suppression systems). Motion Matters has also been distinguished as a leading forerunner in developing the first easy to use suite translation solution, in Farsi, Dari and Pashto languages. This is currently being used by the Ministry of Health in Canada. Motion Matters also has been awarded both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in recognition of their creativity, innovation, systems and management practices.

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  1. DIEP™ (Degraded Image Enhancement Processor)
  2. ICORS™ (IP Core Security Systems)
  3. FlyEye Defense™ (UAV Threat detection and suppression systems)

Changing the World Through Technology

Motion Matters is a thriving hub for new technologies and products with a professional team of industry experts that represent the best talent the IT community has to offer. We foster a culture of social equality by employing extraordinary people from different backgrounds to consistently deliver exceptional quality to our clients. We offer a comprehensive approach to strategic IT-business alignment and security of national and international digital infrastructure.

Motion Matters promotes sustainability through secure infrastructures in an environment where cyber attack have become part of the risk assessment process. As technology evolves, we stay at the forefront to ensure our clients’ operations are efficient and secure. Our methodologies encourage infrastructure flexibility and our clients benefit from our ability to handle increased client demands without increased cost.

Contact our professional team of industry experts that represent the best talent and ingenuity the IT community has to offer.

Why Choose Us

Motion Matters is an innovative, socially and ethically responsible Information Technology (IT) company specializing in application software design and development, secure mission systems, systems maintenance, system infrastructure and network management. Our vision of advanced technology application and new methods of artificial intelligence has expanded to encompass enterprise operations, mission critical software solutions and system infrastructure security. Since the company’s inception, Motion Matters has been a dependable provider of effective, cost-efficient and superior customizable solutions to both government and commercial clients within the US, Canada and Europe. The company’s outstanding reputation distinguishes them as a valuable team player in both the government and commercial markets.

Motion Matters, an SBA 8a certified company, is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia (metro D.C.), an upcoming mecca of new technologies and products, as reported by Forbes magazine. Our team includes industry experts that represent the preeminent talent available to provide clients with innovation and solid solutions. Motion Matters strives to foster a culture of social equality by employing extraordinary people from different backgrounds. This enables us to offer clients exceptional quality and superior service. We also utilize a customer-centric approach and maintains an industry focused and seasoned management staff. The benefits of working with Motion Matters are exceptional staff who understand government and private industry operational concepts and missions. Highly attentive project and contract communication skills.

Motion Matters - Information Technology

Motion Matters stays on the cutting edge of system design and network administration to mitigate risks and provide secure environments for our clients’ most important asset: information.

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DIEP™ (Degraded Image Enhancement Processor)

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ICORS™ (IP Core Security Systems)

IPCORE Tactical hardware commonly uses system-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuits (ICs) for embedded applications. SoC designers often integrate a variety of pre-designed components acquired from third parties...
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FlyEye Defense™ (UAV Threat detection and suppression systems)

There are significant and well documented issues with the small and medium unmanned drones (UAS/UAV) remote controlled & soon to be autonomous. These small/medium wing span airplanes can cross boarders...
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